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Spires Aviation

Cabin interior refurbishment

Refurbishment, modification and upgrade of cabin interiors. We maintain, refurbish and upgrade cabin interiors from different airlines to private jet holders. Whether our customers wish minor changes of existing cabin interior components or a complete new refurbishment with a new design – our cabin interior refurbishment and design department assist along the whole process. Contact us today on (+44) 1279 909422 for more information.

DOA Services

Under the scope of this approval, we are able to provide engineering design services for changes and repairs to small and large aircraft and rotorcraft, commercial and general aviation. As a certified design organization(UK CAA/EASA and FAA), Spire Aviation supports the customer throughout the whole completion process by consulting on aircraft design, material selection, feasibility, and necessary documentation.

POA Services

Through our in house Production capability  we are able to issue form 1’s  on the following: aircraft carpets, seat covers , side wall panels , crew seats and much more as per EASA/UK CAA and FAA  requirements,  whilst ensuring delivery schedules are achieved as per customer requirements.

Spires Aviation