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Strata Aerospace

June 2016

Spires Aviation (part of the Spires Engineering Group  of Companies)  was selected to deliver the UAE Emiratization program to Strata Manufacturing .

The aim was to re-train  Strata Manufacturing Engineering graduates, in the field of  Design, Stress analysis and Manufacturing Engineering .   The course was delivered over 1 year , allowing individuals to gain first hand experience in design to build a composite fairing for an A330 aircraft. Spires Team of Engineers and instructors built a ‘niche program’ .

Spires Aviation(Part of the spires Engineering Consultancy group of companies ) ,a  UK CAA/EASA and FAA Design and Certification approved company  is able  support the  following projects through its UK CAA/EASA and FAA approvals :

  1. Aircraft Seat Covers repairs/changes
  2. Aircraft Carpets changes/repairs
  3. Aircraft Flammability Testing
  4. Aircraft Seat Cover changes
  5. Placard Design and modification
  6. Repair of Cowling delamination
  7. Internal Structures repair
  8. Business jets cabin interior Modification
  9. Registration /De-registration of aircrafts
  10. Aircraft External/Internal markings
  11. Aircraft Thrust Reverser
  12. Cargo Conversion 747 combi
  13. CS23, CS25, CS27 & CS29 support
  14. FAA STC
  15. Aircraft Cabin Modification


For any cabin interior or structural repair modification, please contact Spires on  Spires Aviation on 01279 909422/ or email



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