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Electrical Load Analysis

Aircraft Consuming Electrical load can change due to a couple of reasons. Typically, due to removal or installation of the electricity consuming component of the aircraft. This leads to update the ELAR – Electrical Load Analysis Report. Spires Specialized Avionics Engineering team can evaluate precisely what the change of electrical load is, due to removal or installation of the electrical consuming component.

ELAR – Electrical Load Analysis Report gives the information
necessary for:

  • The validation of a new electrical load on the A/C after electrical related modification.
  • Update of the ELAR after the installation of a new electrical load.

This document has these parts:

  • Overview of ELA formats
  • Description of the calculation methodology used in the ELAs:
    • At busbar level
    • At converter level
    • At generator level
  • Rules for the validation and installation of a customer-originated modification (Supplemental
    Type Certificate, Engineering Order, etc.) with the related electrical load analysis process
  • Rules for the validation and installation of a Vendor Service Bulletin (SB)

The ELA has 2 main sections:

  • Electrical loads at busbar/sub-busbar level
    • This section gives the nominal power rating and the maximum and operational loads for each
      circuit breaker connected to the specified busbar/sub-busbar for each of the different flight phases.
  • Electrical loads at source level
    • This section gives the breakdown of the busbar and TRU loads for each power source:
    • When the A/C is supplied by only one generator (faulty operation)
    • When the A/C is supplied by all generators and converters (normal operation)
    • Per channel (channel 1, channel 2, essential channel)
    • The electrical load analysis tables in these sections can have different formats because of  changes made since the delivery of the first ELAs.

Figure 1 : Customer – Originated Modification Analysis Process Chart

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