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A corporate livery aircraft, also called external livery, is the external branding of any cargo, commercial airlines or VIP private jets with their identical logos, Reg markings and flags any other exterior patterns as customer request.

decorative livery, also called temporary branding, is the external branding of any commercial or cargo airlines with a specific promotion campaign from the airlines or an advertiser. Brandings are often original and are exposed for a specific period.

  • Decorative External decal installation drawing or Paint scheme drawing as per customer requirement.
  • UK CAA Part G Form 1 Issuance for exterior decals.
  • Design support, Installation process and/or Part 21J certification Pack consist of;
  • EASA/UK CAA Minor change approval
  • Paint Scheme drawing/Decal installation drawing.
  • Decal productions drawings as per customer request
  • Service Bulletin
  • Type of liveries:
    • Corporate livery: Airline logo branding, partial or full tail branding, country flag and registration, winglets/sharklets branding, landing gear identification, symbol, and more.
    • Decorative livery: Specific branding, Anniversary branding, Advertisements, symbols, and more.


Every decorative design carefully illustrated with location references in order make paint shop technicians work easy.

According to the customer request we are

Capable of providing paint scheme drawing

Or Decal installation drawing separately for

Same livery design with option of carry out

Them both as per their capability.

Can provide Under wing reg decal installation or reg mark painting Instructions as per local aviation authority regulations.

All the font instructions and spacing distances in-between letters are provided. these dimensions   decided as per the EASA/UK CAA or National Civil Aviation Authority requirements as per the operator.

Since our priority is customer satisfaction , this is coupled with satisfying the  regulatory requirements, through the respective authorities (EASA/ FAA/ UK CAA) expect from Spires Aviation & Spires Engineering.Other than the above we also have the capability to support the following:

  1. Aircraft Seat Covers repairs/changes
  2. Aircraft Carpets changes/repairs
  3. Aircraft Flammability Testing
  4. Aircraft Seat Cover changes
  5. Placard Design and modification
  6. Repair of Cowling delamination
  7. Internal Structures repair
  8. Business jets cabin interior Modification
  9. Registration /De-registration of aircrafts
  10. Aircraft External/Internal markings
  11. Aircraft Thrust Reverser
  12. Cargo Conversion 747 combi
  13. CS23, CS25, CS27 & CS29 support
  14. FAA STC

For any  Repair/Change  solution, please contact Spires Aviation on 01279 909422/ or email

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