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Avionics & Electrical Modifications


Do you want the biggest flat screen monitor install on your cabin bulkhead? Do you want to plug your iPod into the cabin entertainment system? Or else do you want to install EFBs (Electronic Flight Bags) and its holding & charging provisions installed on cockpit. Spires Aviation Avionics team is willing to assist you to carry out the modifications regarding any avionics application regardless of the Aircraft OEM. Any Avionics modification or de-modification which effecting to the Electrical Load of the aircraft is considerable change and we are ready to provide full modification package with Electrical load analysis report.

If you’re not sure what you need, we have information to help you decide. Our modifications capabilities on our website will show you the most common upgrades by aircraft.

We at Spires Aviation and Spires Engineering Consultancy Ltd fabricate and manufacture all EASA/FAA/ UK CAA Business Jets  parts including seat dress covers, leather Business Class seat covers, soft furnishings, wire harnesses, curtains, carpets, labels, metal brackets and injection molded and vacuum formed trim items.

Since our priority is customer satisfaction on the other hand, we always satisfy the regulatory requirements which regulator (EASA/ FAA/ UK CAA) expect from Spires Aviation & Spires Engineering.

Other than the above we also have the capability to support the following:

  1. Aircraft Seat Covers repairs/changes
  2. Aircraft Carpets changes/repairs
  3. Aircraft Flammability Testing
  4. Aircraft Seat Cover changes
  5. Placard Design and modification
  6. Repair of Cowling delamination
  7. Internal Structures repair
  8. Business jets cabin interior Modification
  9. Registration /De-registration of aircrafts
  10. Aircraft External/Internal markings
  11. Aircraft Thrust Reverser
  12. Cargo Conversion 747 combi
  13. CS23, CS25, CS27 & CS29 support
  14. FAA STC

For any  Repair/Change  solution, please contact Spires Aviation on 01279 909422/ or email

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