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Thrust Reverser Repair

As a FAA/EASA/ UK CAA Design Approval Holder (DOA), Spires Aviation and Spires Engineering Consultancy Ltd has the capability to design modify and repair on any small, large, wide-body or narrow body aircrafts and rotorcraft regardless of any make.

Recently, Spires Aviation received Minor Repair Approval from the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) for thrust reverser inner cowl permanent Repair Scheme which invented by the Spires Aviation/Engineering Team.

Spires Aviation & Spires Engineering Consultancy Ltd structural and stress engineering team can provide you the best solution for your SRM deviated repairs. Their Knowledge and experience are more than enough to cater any aircraft and the same time regulator.

Other than the above we also have the capability to support the following:

  1. Aircraft Seat Covers repairs/changes
  2. Aircraft Carpets changes/repairs
  3. Aircraft Flammability Testing
  4. Aircraft Seat Cover changes
  5. Aircraft Placard Design and modification
  6. Aircraft Repair of Cowling delamination
  7. Aircraft Internal Structures repair
  8. Business jets cabin interior Modification
  9. Registration /De-registration of aircrafts
  10. Aircraft External/Internal markings
  11. Aircraft Thrust Reverser
  12. Cargo Conversion 747 combi
  13. CS23, CS25, CS27 & CS29 support
  14. FAA STC

For any Minor repair solution, please contact Spires Aviation on 01279 909422/ or email [email protected]

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