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Spires Engineering UK DOA CAA Approvals

Spires Engineering UK DOA CAA Approvals

As of 1st Jan 2021 Spires Engineering Consultancy gained its UK CAA DOA part 21 subpart J Approvals on Minor Modification /Change to the carry out the following:

       Electrical & Avionics:

  1. Inflight entertainment installation
  2. IFE Removal
  3. Electrical Change
  4. USB Installation
  5. ISPSS Power Installation
  6. Electrical Load Analysis
  7. Programming ELT
  8. ADS-B

Cabin Interiors:

  1. Cabin Layout
  2. Emergency equipment changes
  3. Seat installations
  4. Galley Installations
  5. Lavatory Installations
  6. Crew Rest Installations
  7. Medical Leg rest installations
  8. Cabin Modifications
  9. Dress Cover Changes
  10. Curtain Changes
  11. Cargo Loading Equipment protection panel Installation
  12. Carpet & NTF Changes
  13. Seat Belt Colour Changes
  14. Galley equipment Changes
  15. Magazine Rack Installations
  16. Soap Dispenser Installation
  17. Pax Door Insulation Blanket Installation
  18. Exterior & Interior placard Installation

So for any Minor change or Repair, please contact Tayab Alam on [email protected]/07436818687

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