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Spires Engineering Consultancy Supports Airbus Tier 1 Suppliers

Spires Engineering Consultancy Supports Airbus Tier 1 Suppliers

As an approved Dassault Training Partner (2011-2014) and EASA/UK CAA Design Consultancy Spires has supported Airbus’s Tier supply chain  over the last 10 years .

Spires Trainers with its extensive CATIA V5 experience as well its inhouse EASA/UK CAA Part 21 Subpart J Design team (our Aircraft Cabin Interior modification team has specialised on Aircraft Seats, Aircraft Seat Covers Aircraft carpets, Aircraft galleys on CS23, CS25, CS27 and CS29)  ) has assisted the supply chain on composite spar design for the Airbus A400/A380 design as well as assisting EASA   Part 21 Subpart J DOA’s.

Due to our wealth of experience within the Aircraft Interior modification, Spires Engineering has supported EASA approved DOA’S worldwide on repairs/changes of primary structures, such Tail Horizontal stabiliser, Flap track fairing and Flaps, hence this has allowed our  allowed us to develop dedicated programs as per customer requirements.

Spires Engineering training team has developed and delivering both CATIA V5 and PDM course to both EASA Part 21 Subpart J DOA’S as well as  to Airbus’s  Tier 1 supply chain.

Our trainer’s capability has helped Spires Engineering build the gap between theory and practical knowledge to help both OEM’S as well as aircraft operators who are seeking assistance in any cabin interior modification on CS23, CS25, CS27 and CS29. In addition Spires has developed a program that is designed to upskill certain individuals capability EASA/UK CAA Design practices.

Hence a typical example would be Manufacturing /Graduated engineers wanting to develop their skills within an UK CAA DOA to work on the following:

  1. Aircraft Seat Covers repairs/changes
  2. Aircraft Carpets changes/repairs
  3. Aircraft Flammability Testing
  4. Aircraft Seat Cover changes
  5. Aircraft External markings
  6. Aircraft Thrust Reverser


Hence for any aircraft interior modification or Training needs please contact Tayab Alam on [email protected].

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